Running a business is hard, securing it shouldn't be.

Knit Security
Knit Security
Knit Security

Your Business is Our Business

Cybersecurity does not exist in a vacuum. Knit learns what makes your business tick, from the processes necessary to get product out the door to the people who are instrumental in making it all happen. Our goal is providing solutions which match the culture of your company, ensuring that protections don’t get in the way of getting work done.

What We Do

Our Services

Knit focuses on a handful of cybersecurity services to help your business address what’s most pressing. From help generating or revising policies and standards to retaining a Fractional CISO to help with strategic decision making, we’re here to help. 

Knit Security

Fractional CISO / vCISO

Strategic Leadership

Get executive-level cybersecurity guidance without the need for a full-time position. Perfect for businesses looking to develop their cybersecurity strategy without the overhead.

Knit Security

Policy Library Uplift

Devise & Refine

Update and enhance your existing policies, or create new ones tailored to your business needs and compliance requirements.

Knit Security

Security Architecture

Secure by Design

Build a secure foundation with our expert-designed architectures that protect against today’s threats and scale for tomorrow’s challenges.

Knit Security

Penetration Testing

Simulating Attackers

Identify vulnerabilities before they become problems with our comprehensive testing services against applications, APIs, and network infrastructure.

Knit Security

Security Engineering

Implement your tools

Implement robust security solutions with our experienced engineers leading the way and educating your staff on their use and maintenance.

Knit Security

Threat Intelligence

Know your risks

Stay ahead of potential threats against your company or event with actionable insights and proactive defense strategies.

Knit Security

We Help Execute

Beyond designing a security program or architecture for your company, Knit sticks around to help your team build, providing hard won expertise on implementation while teaching your team about the underlying reasons for architectural and engineering decisions. 

Why Us

Unlike other teams which focus on tools or technologies, Knit understands that people are what power an organization. We work with your team directly and focus on the protecting the processes  which set you apart. 

We Understand Security

With decades of experience across a multitude of industries and agencies, we have deep experience applying a wide variety of processes and technologies in environments big and small.

We Love The Work

Helping people defend themselves and their work from thieves, scammers, and extortionists is meaningful work for us, keeping us focused on the tasks at hand and vigilant towards criminal innovations.

We Focus On People

The foundation of your business is your people. Our mission is to treat everyone with respect and arm them with the knowledge and tools to better protect themselves and the company.

We Prioritize Practicality

Sometimes simple solutions are the best ones, so at Knit we focus on keeping things straightforward and practical, extracting the maximum ROI from your security investments.

We Love Process

Everything we do at Knit helps your company build repeatable (and documented!) processes that will endure long after our engagement, ensuring security sticks.

We Enable Users

Security without usability is useless, which is why we constantly seek the right balance between the two, keeping your business agile while protecting you from your biggest threats.

Security Starts With 3 Steps

No matter the engagement, the first three steps are the same in every instance, because quality solutions are never cookie-cutter.

Step 01

Learn Your Company

Learning how you do what you do is our first step, providing context to the rest of our decisions and helping us understand the culture of your company.

Step 02

Identify Your Risks

Be it the Chinese stealing your intellectual property, Russians sowing discord through your app, or falling afoul of regulators worldwide, we tailor our solutions to the problems you face.

Step 03

Build A Plan

We only start once we know where we’re going, and building a plan with your team ensures we have the right people assembled to the work necessary.