About Knit

Knit (v)
a: to closely join or combine (things or people)
b: to form something by bringing people or things together

Knit Security formed in 2023 with the goal of bringing people (and things) together to build better cybersecurity for our clients. In an industry awash in tools and military metaphors, Knit is focused on bringing people and relationships back to the fore of our discussions and work.

Knit Security

About Ryan

Ryan Jamieson brings to each engagement over twenty years of experience in technology and risk management across multiple industries, including entertainment, defense, financial services, and public accounting. With a history of building security programs from scratch, Ryan looks to embed security and risk awareness into the culture of the company and create sustainable control environments that preserve business agility.

Ryan founded Knit in 2023 after 2 years at [redacted], where he led their consulting practice. Prior to Knit, Ryan worked to strengthen the internal control environment protecting the most sensitive data for thousands of clients across the globe at Ernst & Young, built the security program at Take-Two Interactive, parent company to Rockstar Games and 2K Games, served as the BISO for North American operations at RTL Group, and spent nearly seven years protecting cardmembers and their data at American Express.