Fractional CISO / vCISO

Our Fractional CISO service provides tailored executive-level cybersecurity leadership on a part-time basis for your company. It is ideal for organizations that require seasoned security expertise to develop, enhance, and lead their cybersecurity initiatives but do not have the resources or necessity for a full-time executive. By integrating a Fractional CISO into your team, you gain access to top-tier strategic guidance and practical experience in managing cybersecurity risks, aligning with both industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

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Our Approach

We adopt a highly personalized approach, starting with a comprehensive understanding of how your business operates on a daily basis, including the people, processes, and technologies that power your core mission. This knowledge is fundamental to providing appropriate, risk-based advice on how to tailor security to your organization in a way that’s congruent with your company’s culture.

Our Fractional CISOs are not just advisors but act as part of your leadership team, taking a proactive role in shaping and steering your organization’s cybersecurity direction and identifying cybersecurity and technology risks in larger strategic decisions. They bring a wealth of knowledge from various industries, ensuring solutions are not only robust but also innovative and forward-thinking. Through a collaborative partnership, we ensure that security remains aligned with your business priorities, enhancing resilience while supporting business continuity and growth.

How We Work

Engagement with our Fractional CISO service begins with a thorough dive into your operations to give us context for all future discussions we have about risk and security. An audit without the stakes, these discussions will include IT and Engineering as well as HR, Legal, Operations, and other key teams. Following this initial evaluation, our CISO will:

Identify and enumerate operational, regulatory, and technology-related risks facing your company, presenting them to your leadership team to jointly rank them by impact and likelihood.

Develop a security strategy addressing identified risks and business-specific challenges customized to your company and its culture.

Oversee the implementation of this strategy in partnership with your leadership team, ensuring solutions are clear, well-understood, and minimize operational impact.

Coordinate with internal teams and external partners to fortify your technology infrastructure.

Regularly educate your staff to elevate their awareness and capability in handling security issues.

Provide ongoing strategic oversight and adapt strategies as your business evolves and new threats emerge.

Expected Value from the Engagement

Engaging with our Fractional CISO services brings significant, tangible benefits to your organization:

A risk register enumerating the risks your company faces, including likelihood and impact.

A significantly enhanced cybersecurity posture, markedly reducing the likelihood and impact of cyber incidents.

Strategic, cost-effective access to elite cybersecurity expertise, avoiding the expenses associated with a full-time executive while benefiting from executive-level oversight.

Assurance of compliance with evolving regulatory landscapes, helping you navigate complex legal requirements with ease.

Cultivation of a strong security culture that permeates all levels of your organization, making cybersecurity a cornerstone of your operational strategy.

Regular updates on threats and vulnerabilities facing your company.

Fractional CISO / vCISO

By choosing our Fractional CISO services, you position your business at the forefront of cybersecurity readiness, turning potential vulnerabilities into strengths that support your long-term objectives.